I Shave My Face

“You what?”

It is a reaction I receive quite frequently when I tell other women that I shave my face.

I can feel them quickly, yet meticulously, examining my face with their eyes searching to find a five o’clock shadow.

Thanks to an old wives’s tale, many women falsely believe that shaving their face will result in an excessive growth of facial hair.

Nightmares ravish their minds with images of their soft, sweet peach fuzz returning tenfold as dark, thick whiskers set to get revenge.

I am here to set your fears at ease by telling you that could not be any further from the truth.

Dr. Dray, a licensed dermatologist, explains in this video, where she shaves her face for the first time, about the biological reasons why your facial hair will not suddenly grow back differently just because you shaved them off.

Due to so many fears surrounding facial shaving, women are missing out on skin care’s best kept secret.

Have you ever wondered why men’s skin looks so wonderful as they age? It is because they are exfoliating their skin every day when they shave in the morning.

Shaving your face removes the dead skin cells (and hairs) that are sitting on your face. Hello, exfoliation. Your skin will be glowing like never before.

The removal of the peach fuzz creates a clean surface on your skin that is prime for absorbing serums and moisturizers. And if you are like me and wear makeup, the removal of the peach fuzz creates the best possible canvas for foundation and powders. The end result is a smooth, soft texture with zero caking.

Curious about how to properly shave your mug? Follow my steps below:

  1. Wash that face. Make sure your face is clean, with zero impurities, and that you have no makeup on. The goal is to have the cleanest canvas possible for shaving.
  2. Wet your face and apply a non-scented shaving cream. Barbasol works great, and it is cheap too.
  3. Get a clean razor and shave with the grain, not against it. Always be sure to shave downwards to avoid any razor bumps.
  4. Wash your face to remove any remaining shaving cream and gently pat your face with a clean towel.
  5. Add any serums or oils to your face that you would like. I suggest you use gentle serums and oils that are fragrance-free because added fragrances are no bueno for skin care.
  6. Be sure to moisturize your face and take it easy! Avoid touching your face and exercising for the day. Your skin needs some gentle love for the day. Also avoid wearing makeup for the next couple days. Focus on providing love to your freshly shaved face.

To account for any errors, I suggest that everyone shaving their face for the first time does it on a Friday night in case you accidentally miss a step, or shave your face dry and end up with some unsightly red bumps.

After seeing how wonderfully smooth and glowing your skin looks post-shave, you might be tempted to shave your face every other day or once a week, but I urge against that. Instead, opt for shaving your face every two weeks (or even once a month).

Have you ever shaved your face before? Did you love it? Hate it? Comment below to let me know your experience and any suggestions, tips, or tricks you might have.

Published by Lynne Mullins

Lynne is a general-interest writer currently living in New York City.

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