Designing a Tiny Space

Part One

If living in New York has taught me one thing, it is how to design a tiny space well.

Most of my friends in New York live in studios or one bedroom apartments that are not much bigger than 500 square feet (some even live in spaces much smaller). Despite the living being tiny, the price tag associated with it is not.

Because of that, decorating a small space in the city has to be functional, affordable, and attractive.


Image credit: Viktoria Dahlberg

When living in a city, having greenery in your apartment is especially important. It adds a breath of life to the concrete jungle you otherwise call home.

Keeping plants in your house has a multitude of benefits. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, they are also well known for reducing stress levels and creating a sense of peace.

And as far as decorations go, plant life definitely gives you the most bang for your buck. You can pick up a sassy succulent or a perky plant for roughly ten dollars. It is cheaper than a dog and it provides you with low-maintenance companionship.

Bonus: If you decorate with herbs, you will never have a shortage of tasty organic treats to cook with! We always appreciate a good multifunctional moment.

If you do not want your entire living space overrun with plants, no worries. Even just dedicating a special corner in your apartment for some greenery is beneficial.

By having a set space in your house for nature, particularly by a window, it allows you to sit down, unwind, and relax in your own personal zen corner.

The sunlight mixed with the clean air and the greenery will have you forgetting you are in the middle of a bustling city, that is until the horns start blaring again.

So this spring take a walk by your local farmers market and keep an eye out for some plant pals while supporting local businesses. After bringing the green gals home, be sure to let me know how you like living with your newest roommates.

And as always, be well!

Image credit: Viktoria Dahlberg

Published by Lynne Mullins

Lynne is a general-interest writer currently living in New York City.

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