About Me

Ms. Worldwide

Lynne is a general-interest writer currently living in New York City.

Before becoming a writer, Lynne explored the world as a solo traveler. She lived in Quito, Ecuador, before moving to Germany where she routinely grabbed a backpack and explored several countries alone.

Her urge to explore is seen in her personal writings where her life experience, her comedic voice, and her multi-national perspective are seen regularly.

In her daily life she studies at Columbia University as an English student. Due to this, a lot of her current writings are academic pieces.

Lynne previously held an internship with a top sports news agency where she wrote numerous articles that were published during a three-month period. During this time she was able to expand her own writing style while learning how to create fun, innovative, and engaging material for an audience.

In her free time she writes about the things that interest her: sports, food, beauty, design, entertainment, human-interest, and travel on her personal blog.

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